Interactive 3D configurators

Digital interactive 3D configurators as future proof sales tools for interior or real estate solutions.

What & why?

Service & experience as competitive advantage

In a world where everything is available at just a fingertip away, customers need to be wooed more than ever before. Why should a customer visit your physical store or flagship showroom if everything we want to know is available online? The answer is as simple as it is complex: offer a premium customer service & experience to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Unrivalled customer experience during the sales process using innovative and problem solving sales tools.

What is it?

Discover, design, configure and buy interior solutions in a tangible and immersive way

  • A physical installation of a table and a number of physical markers representing products and parts that can be assembled into an interior configuration and purchased. The installation contains a large touch sensitive display that is designed horizontally like a table.
  • By using software and a wireless connection, the information that is carried by the markers is added to the configuration to be manipulated and configured by using both physical movements and hand gestures on the touch display.

Why use it?

What’s in it for you?

  • Co-creation between end consumer and sales person within intuitive and user friendly interface.
  • The dream interior gets a tangible and realistic representation for the customer. His fears and doubts concerning the purchase limited (less unknown factors).
  • The end consumer has control and fun during the immersive purchase process. He is really involved in the process towards his ideal solution which leads to a faster decision to purchase.
  • Experience and knowledge of sales person is complemented with up to date product database.
  • A faster and thus cheaper sales process. More conversions per (human) sale resource!

Use modes & flows

User experience on another level

  • A discover mode for inspiration
  • A “Location editor” where the location is defined that needs an interior solution
  • A configuration mode where the customer designs and configures the interior solution by placing markers on table top display, in split screen with: a 2D visualisation of the location and interior solution or a photorealistic 3D visualisation and simulation of the location and the interior solution.
  • A product and part browser mode, with the entire product catalogue
  • A checkout and order mode

Main components

What’s in it?

  • Multi-touch sensitive interactive display designed as a robust table top. Able to recognize the physical markers via wireless connection when placed on top of display. It is the main and most important input device for the ICP installation;
  • Physical markers with wireless connection technology representing products or parts that can be used in a configuration.
  • Computer with ICP software.
  • 3D generator/engine to simulate and visualise an interactive 3D model of the configuration using actual products (i.e. CGI or photographic quality).
  • Electricity supply
  • Internet connection

Let’s get your configurator on

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What else is possible?


Video wall: extra large screen for impressive simulation and experience. Use on a tablet as a controller for the sales person to guide and assist the end consumer


Allow customers to experience their configurations via Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality

Transportable installation for events

Attend events to impress peers and costumers with the transportable installation

Smart & Connected

Real time integration with your CRM/ERP system for up-to-date information, product availability, lead captation, pre/post sales follow-up,...

Mobile online application

What else is possible?

  • Extend concept to an online configurator: discover, design and configure your interior solution from the comfort of your home
  • End customer can save his configurations and edit them at any time and place
  • Multi-channel platform: save a configuration and edit and finalise it in a showroom together with a sales person

Areas of application


  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living
  • Flooring
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Swimming pools
  • ...

Areas of application


  • Store(-in-store) configurator
  • Office configurator
  • Exhibition stand configurator
  • Pop-up configurator
  • Project development
  • ...

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